This is Brand Survivors Rotterdam, a tiny company in a big messy world.

Let me help you to be a massive, enormous and big success with design, social, marketing & inspiration

What do you need and what do you want? What is your budget? What is your schedule? Let’s find out! Let Brand Survivors help you!

Personal design makes a difference

Your corporate identity (logo, fonts, webdesign, watermarks, etc. etc.) has to be unique and personal. Make a difference in a world full of advertising & communication.

Marketing isn't only calls or advertising

Calls, aquisition, (google) advertising/ SEA, SEO are great tools, but creative marketing makes it sparkle! So don’t be foolish and don’t stare to death on the old fashioned ways of marketing.

Bad content = bad publicity, is failure

So many social accounts, so many competitors in your branch. Make the difference by publish great content with a story!

Never use stock, unless you s(t)uck

Stock photo’s! Great! If you want the same shit as 100’s of other businesses. A weird “prodent smile picture” from Shutterstock to represent your customer care? That is a NO go!

Packaging is your business card too!

The best packaging, is a feeling! Not only a wrapped piece of paper or carton, unless that’s the way you want to communicate.

Animation will tell your story

Use a 1000 words and nobody reads it. Use animation for your, infographics, instructions or guides.

Who is Brand Survivors?

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